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PPC Consulting Services

Get the most out of your advertising budget with our PPC management services. Cord Strategies is all about giving you tailored marketing strategies for constant optimization and overall better results.

✓ Track ROI
✓ Real Time Ad Tracking
✓ Geo-Targeting
✓ Control Ad Budgets
✓ Measureable
✓ Gain Marketshare
✓ Immediate Results
✓ Helps build SEO
✓ Drives Offline Sales
✓ Get New Leads
✓ Significant ROI
✓ Targeted
✓ Higher Conversions
✓ Brand Recognition

Learn How Your Business Can Scale with PPC Management

 Google & Bing Adwords

PPC Consulting Google AdWords programs and sponsored search on Bing can offer businesses access to potential new customers and new ways to increase your brand’s reach. Paid search or pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can have an immediate impact on sales and lead generation. PPC search marketing is easily tracked, allowing you to continually tune your campaigns and achieve higher rates of return.

Cord Strategies PPC consulting services are designed for organizations of all sizes and focus on creating scalable and manageable campaigns, and then training your internal resources to manage and optimize them post launch. Our experience, most clients can handle the month to month management of properly structured campaigns with a little training. This approach can offer significant cost savings when compared to ongoing PPC management but it does require some of your team’s time.

Available PPC Services Include:

✓ PPC strategy development
✓ PPC Campaign organization and restructuring
✓ Expert keyword research
✓ Developing PPC campaign creatives and messaging
✓ Developing landing pages
✓ Recommendations for creative branding & optimization tips
✓ Analytics implementation and training
✓ Campaign reviews and ppc audits

My digital marketing efforts are more than technical SEO and PPC – they also cover as creative ad copy. These dual strengths allow me to build successful pay-per-click ad copy that engages clients’ target audiences and compels them to click.

Every ad element matters – from an enticing headline to informative content to a strong call-to-action, my experience packs each ad with unique sales propositions and reasons for target audiences to convert.

To ensure PPC strategies stay focused on clients’ overall marketing and business goals while effectively reaching distinct audiences, I will thoroughly test each ad and only move forward with top performers. The PPC strategy emphasizes building the strongest campaign possible prior to launch.

Ad Creation

When I launch a clients PPC campaigns I will not walk away, only to return when the budget runs out. I check in on the PPC campaigns daily, reviewing performance and adjusting ad copy, bids and budgets as needed. If I determine a campaign just isn’t working, I will pause it and go back to the drawing board to focus on a new strategy.

I can offer an flexible PPC search engine marketing strategy – and can implement adjustments within one business day to mirror a changing PPC marketing campaign.

Campaign Management

I provide incredibly flexible search engine marketing strategy – we can implement adjustments within one business day to mirror a rapidly-changing integrated marketing campaign.


Sometimes strategies and priorities don’t return the desired results for a PPC campaign. When that happens, I will refuse to shift around the data to put us in better light. I support transparency in our client relationships, and we’ll be the first to admit something isn’t working.

My clients’ success is critical, and I focus on their overall pay-per-click advertising return on investment above all else.

Daily campaign maintenance helps PPC strategy stay on budget and keep losses to a minimum. I’m not afraid to pause a campaign and contact our clients to let them know we’d rather go back to the drawing board than let their media spend go to waste.

My reporting reflects this transparency. Every detailed monthly report comes with an action plan on how we plan to improve the PPC campaign to drive better traffic and increase website conversions.

Google AdWords Audit for prospective Southern California clients with an existing AdWords account. If you’re managing your campaigns internally, or they’re being managed by an agency, there will be a time where you are not satisfied with the account performance compared to what you’re spending.

With a Google AdWords audit, Cord Strategies can help diagnose what the problem is and start you on the path towards getting the maximum return on investment. This is a preliminary service which occurs before signing any proposal or formal commitment. It is an objective analysis that is designed to determine whether our not we’d be a good fit for working together. All we require is access to your Google AdWords account to perform the account audit.

Components of a Google AdWords Audit
Upon conducting the audit, a detailed report will be delivered with an assessment of the following key components of your account:

✓ Month-over-month performance
✓ Keywords you’re bidding on for relevance
✓ Ad copy you’re testing
✓ Ad groups (ideally you should have only one ad group per topic)
✓ Whether or not conversion tracking is being used for optimization and maximum ROI
✓ Match-type keywords for preserving your advertising budget

The report will includes recommendations regarding all of the above components. With this information, you can make an educated decision about whether or not you wish to proceed with Cord Strategies AdWords services.

Cord Strategies AdWords audits are objective and we pride ourselves on transparency, you’re truly doing the most you can with the budget you have, then we’ll tell you that as well.

In some cases, inexperienced AdWords users create their own accounts, but do not manage them efficiently for optimum performance. This audit is going to show you where you are wasting time and money and point you in the right direction.

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